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Welcome to Uncle Joe's BBQ

The fun with BBQ sauce starts here!

Most Texans that love grilling will tell you that they make the best BBQ sauce in the world. But, some of us need a place to start. That is exactly where Uncle Joe’s BBQ "Sauce-in-a-Bag" comes in pretty handy.

Uncle Joe’s BBQ "Sauce-in-a-Bag" is ready for you to start your own family recipe. Each package is perfectly portioned for you to just add ketchup and water… that is all it takes for perfect BBQ sauce in four minutes.

Of course, you can add your own touch to it if you want to have some fun. Maybe add a little molasses to make it sweeter, a little cayenne pepper to make it spicier, or even for a richer flavor add some beef bouillon granules. It is all up to you and how you like it. Even adding more or less ketchup and water changes the flavor. Go ahead, experiment and make it your own.

Uncle Joe’s BBQ "Sauce-in-a-Bag" is sweet yet spicy, and it comes in four great blends:

Original • Chipotle • Honey Mesquite • Southwest

Our unique spice blend for BBQ sauce came from the idea of us wanting to create our own great BBQ sauce. Why bottle it up when you can mix it up fresh with Uncle Joe’s BBQ “Sauce-in-a-Bag” in four minutes!

So, when your friends say they would love to have your recipe, you can say it is your family secret with a little help from Uncle Joe’s BBQ "Sauce-in-a-Bag".

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